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The history of Latrobe Golf Club is deeply intertwined with Melbourne’s heritage, tracing back to 1835 when the city was first settled. In June 1840, Thomas Wills acquired land where the club now stands, building the grand mansion ‘Lucerne’. Wills’, a prominent figure in early Melbourne, hosted social events at Lucerne, frequented by notable individuals including Charles La Trobe, after whom the club is named.

The club’s origins date back to 1938 when businessmen established a nine-hole public golf course on part of the Lucerne estate. The club formally began in 1939 with five members and quickly grew with significant developments including expanding the course to 18 holes by 1951 and constructing a new clubhouse in 1959.

The historic Lucerne mansion was demolished in 1960 to make way for the clubhouse’s expansion. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the club faced challenges including freeway construction, flooding, and drought, but ultimately completed the course’s reconstruction in 1975.

In 2020, the Club built a new short course, The Island, aimed at enhancing the club’s offerings, attracting new members, and providing an additional recreational option for existing members.

Today, the club continues to thrive, offering members and visitors alike a picturesque course and a vibrant community centred around the shared love of golf. With ongoing efforts to maintain and improve its facilities, Latrobe Golf Club remains a cherished institution with a rich history and promising future.